Uncover your losing ads.

Ad CTR is the second step to increasing Quality Score. Find the ads that are pulling down your account, in an instant.

Find losers at a glance

Instantly see which campaigns and ad groups contain losing ads.

Adgroups containing CTR losing ads

Losers by CTR

CTR losers are driving down your account's overall CTR, find them.

Winner By CTR
Loser By CTR

Losers by conversions

Low converting ads are robbing you of new customers, find them instantly.

Winner By Conversion Rate
Loser By Conversion Rate

Pause them easily

Every loser you find can be paused from the Tenscores interface.

Replace them

Write new ads to replace the ones you've just paused.

Uncover missing ads

When an ad group only has one ad, you'll know and be able to give it a companion.

Adgroups containing less than 2 ads

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I’m falling in love with your tool, I'm going to test and improve one of our best performing Google As accounts. I think it should be possible to get some budget from my client when I can show them how good Tenscores works and saves a lot of time in optimizing the whole account.” Florian Muff, Head Of Advertising At Hutter Consult