Analyse Your Quality Scores.

Find out what your account Quality Score really is and view charts that will help you understand what it means.

Account, campaign and ad group quality score

Quality Score is aggregated up to the account level for an instant view of how you're doing.


Analyse the factors that influence Quality Score and learn where to optimize.


See how your keywords and metrics are distributed along the Quality Score scale.

Penalties and discounts

Learn how much you're wasting on poor scores and how much you're gaining on high scores.

Winners and losers

Campaign, ad groups, keywords are segmented into winners and losers. You'll know where to start.

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I used to manually download reports. Then, I’d have to do a lot of reformatting in Excel to get any insights about my quality scores. Tenscores does this all for me, and has saved several hours of my time!.” Emily Vetter, Search Analyst At Fraser Communications